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Nothing compares...

I do not like it.
I think it's tasteless,
I find it dirty, revolting,
and it makes me sick to think my SO would rather look at other naked women's bodies, then appreciate mine.

Maybe it's just me?
I've always been super-self-conscious (I've lost 35 pounds since hs),
and it just makes me feel like I could never measure up to my bf's standards.
He says they don't exist,
Yeah, well, that doesn't stop him from enjoying porn,
Sculpted bodies,
fake breasts...

It just makes me feel inadequate, you know?
Am I the only fem with this problem?
Or are there any guys who go through the same type of thing? (don't want to be sexist here)...

I mean, I'm a Psych major, so I've done the research,
And it has been PROVEN that porn has a direct effect on male's behavior, and can cause them to act violently towards women,
Perhaps a not-so-serious effect, but maybe more damaging to a woman's psyche,
Porn also causes men to devalue their SO's sexual performance,
as well as to not think her as beautiful as she really is.
(I don't know the stats for guys' who's gfs watch a lot of porn--but I'm guessing the results are similar)

I dunno,
it just really bothers me...
Should it not?
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