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Nothing compares...

I do not like it.
I think it's tasteless,
I find it dirty, revolting,
and it makes me sick to think my SO would rather look at other naked women's bodies, then appreciate mine.

Maybe it's just me?
I've always been super-self-conscious (I've lost 35 pounds since hs),
and it just makes me feel like I could never measure up to my bf's standards.
He says they don't exist,
Yeah, well, that doesn't stop him from enjoying porn,
Sculpted bodies,
fake breasts...

It just makes me feel inadequate, you know?
Am I the only fem with this problem?
Or are there any guys who go through the same type of thing? (don't want to be sexist here)...

I mean, I'm a Psych major, so I've done the research,
And it has been PROVEN that porn has a direct effect on male's behavior, and can cause them to act violently towards women,
Perhaps a not-so-serious effect, but maybe more damaging to a woman's psyche,
Porn also causes men to devalue their SO's sexual performance,
as well as to not think her as beautiful as she really is.
(I don't know the stats for guys' who's gfs watch a lot of porn--but I'm guessing the results are similar)

I dunno,
it just really bothers me...
Should it not?
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I'm sorry you feel that way. Want to hear my standpoint as a guy? Too bad, here it is:

Yeah, usually pornography is full of amazon women with hourglass figures; big breasts, small waists, and perfect skin.

Unfortunately, those women are usually surgically altered, airbrushed, and completely retarded. They're not someone any self-respecting guy would care to spend any quality time with.

As far as that having an effect on how women see themselves and their own beauty and value, I ask you this: how is that any different from reading fashion magazines?

My God, one of the most beautiful girls I know is afraid she's getting fat because her waist "doesn't look like the one in the pictures." Regardless of how often I tell her how beautiful I think she is, her self-image is completely blown because of how the media insists she should look.

I'm beginning to ramble, but here's my advice to you.

Take a deep breath.
Think about all the plastic women and how fragile they must be.
Smile because you're not one of them.
Be happy with who you are, because if you're trying to live up to someone else's standards, your life ceases to be your own.

Porn is harmless. You'd see that if you were completely comfortable with yourself.
WHAT THE FUCK? Did I write that???? LMFAO
so i don't understand where you are coming from.. well, i did until i saw an earlier post you made in here with that naked guy..

i find this contradicting to everything you just said..

this is not to say i don't agree with your statements because i do whole-heartedly. i just find it hard to take what you said as your serious beliefs when you just posted a form of porn..
i'm not a member here but stumbled on it through a "random" search.

thought i would offer some sort of insight...maybe/maybe not helpful.

there is as much evidence to prove that porn causes violence as there is to contradict exactly that. it's also possible that the correlation between the two could be purely coincidental. statistics work that way sometimes and can rarely be any sort of "proof" of anything.

does your boyfriend not want to have sex with you? does he expect you to know how to deep throat or to ride him like an amazon? or does he watch porn for pleasure and also enjoy you sexually and healthily and with your needs in mind?

if it's the former than it is not the porn, it is your boyfriend's misconstrued ideas of sexuality, which are probably not so much a result of porn but a result of how he was educated. if it's the latter, than porn is probably the equivalent of a sitcom for him. it's enjoyable, it's an entertaining and fullfilling escape from reality, and nothing else.

you are not a sculpted women with fake breasts and he is with you. he isn't seeking out models and porn stars for relationships. he seeks out you.

maybe you could buy some feminist, woman-friendly porn (look places like www.toysinbabeland.com) and bring it home. these most often feature more natural women, with foreplay and couples and no camera tricks. bring it home for your SO and i guarantee he'd enjoy it just as much. most of the fascination with porn lies in a person's desire to be voyeuristic, which is also natural as long as it is not an unhealthy obsession.

i'm sorry it's hard on you. i understand that it's difficult to feel you have competition from women on a screen, but realistically, you will not be the only woman your SO looks at for the rest of his life. you will not and could never be (even if you looked like a porn star) the only woman who will ever turn him on. it's just a matter of realizing that it is YOU that he wants, not fake tits and bronzer and distracted moaning.

Well, me being a guy that just hit puberty (however u spell it) I understand how your b/f and u feel, but porno is something that's kinda hard to control, like how a woman wants to b with a guy that turns them on, but don't b/c they love their b/f, it's the same with guys and porn, I have heard of guys that don't like porn (me not being one of them) but that's like 1.5% of men or something, I mean, I've even seen my dad look at a playboy! so, don't think of it as a bad thing, it's hard to control, as long as he's not going behind your back with a girl, then don't worry about it if he loves u.