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oh kiddies.. you're gonna love this ride@! lemme tell you.

oh my fucking lord.

last night I so nicely took my boyfriends virginity..he musta been the best virgin I have ever had sex with.

so we went to his friends house last night, chilled with some guys, and his friends girl [who musta fought from dusk to dawn]then eventually made it upstairs to a room. [earlier in the night he had handed his keys over to his friend so he wouldnt for some reason, leave and drive like the stupid ass drunk that he is- so we knew we were spendin the night]

we laid on the bed for awhile, and ended up havin the best sex..it makes me wonder though, him being so good and a virgin. well, either way, oh baby. -speechless-

i dont remember what time we went to bed, actually, i dont even know when we went upstairs.. but we did [unfortunetly] wake up at 8 in the goddamn morning and it sucked.
now im home, sore as fuck- i feel like i lost my virginity all over again.

you know, it just seems to mean so much more when you do it with someone you love.. i mean, this was 3 years in the making and yea, when we had our break ups, i had had sex with other ppl, but never with him, and now that we have, i realize it was worth the wait. fuck that whole casual sex thing..bein with someone that close that you truly love is 100x better.

man, i love him, his penis, and his tongue =D

but anyways, how was YOUR night? ;]
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