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.50 whore is here.

the penis party.. hm, ive been doing some thinking about this.. and ive come to the conclusion that penises are really ugly looking. dont get me wrong, i love them, and their purpose but their looks are just hurting..
just goes to show, looks arent everything ;x

but wouldnt it be nice to find a hot looking penis? not hairy, not vieny, not mushroom-like, just.. oh, idk, something not what it is now..
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Hmmm...but what would they look like??
I actually kinda like the 'mushroom-head' appearance, but the hairyness could definitely go...
Actually, you know what they Kinda look like?? Planara!! Those lil creature-like things that have pointy heads, tails & two little eyes (of course, not present on a penis, but still...), & they are symmetrical if you cut them in half vertically (we used them for science experiments in hs). Does anyone know what I'm talking about? They're actually pretty cute...so maybe it would be better if penis resembled them more??
On second thought, it might hurt a guy's self-esteem if he's always getting an "awwwwwwwww!!!!" from women every time he 'whips it out.'