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B-day wishes [22 Jan 2002|01:44am]

Happy birthday, Amber! =)

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Nothing compares... [23 Dec 2001|12:52am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I do not like it.
I think it's tasteless,
I find it dirty, revolting,
and it makes me sick to think my SO would rather look at other naked women's bodies, then appreciate mine.

Maybe it's just me?
I've always been super-self-conscious (I've lost 35 pounds since hs),
and it just makes me feel like I could never measure up to my bf's standards.
He says they don't exist,
Yeah, well, that doesn't stop him from enjoying porn,
Sculpted bodies,
fake breasts...

It just makes me feel inadequate, you know?
Am I the only fem with this problem?
Or are there any guys who go through the same type of thing? (don't want to be sexist here)...

I mean, I'm a Psych major, so I've done the research,
And it has been PROVEN that porn has a direct effect on male's behavior, and can cause them to act violently towards women,
Perhaps a not-so-serious effect, but maybe more damaging to a woman's psyche,
Porn also causes men to devalue their SO's sexual performance,
as well as to not think her as beautiful as she really is.
(I don't know the stats for guys' who's gfs watch a lot of porn--but I'm guessing the results are similar)

I dunno,
it just really bothers me...
Should it not?

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Grrrr... [17 Dec 2001|08:57pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

You know what I hate??!

Guys who get all pissy & bitter with you,
because you won't go out with them,
because you have a boyfriend!

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Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! [10 Dec 2001|05:51pm]

[ mood | devious ]

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Stuff. [16 Nov 2001|05:28pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Okay. Today's word of the day: PENIS.
Tomorrow's word of the day: PENIS.
Yesterday's word of the day: ... I bet you thought I was going to say penis, right? Well, no! It's PENIS!
o.O; I want all of you to use the word of the day at least once.
Goodbye Penis-land!

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Question of the day... [15 Nov 2001|05:44pm]

[ mood | silly ]

Why is it that you can call someone's name 100 times and then you call them "stupid" and they turn around?

Okay, I think I'm done dumbing up this community. Bye for now, Penis Land!

PS. You all still haven't shown me a penis.

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HELP WITH MEDIA PLAYER! [14 Nov 2001|12:37am]

I'm trying to watch this video but it's only playing the sound!! I think I need some kind of driver or codec or decompressor or something but it's not downloading it automatically! Help help!

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[12 Nov 2001|03:14pm]

Back from baltimore. My penis is lonely and wants to go out and play...

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Yeah, it's 3AM. Yeah, I'm still up, wasting my time reading this shiznits... [11 Nov 2001|03:00am]

[ mood | awake ]

THIS SITE totally cracked me up! It is ESSENTIAL for all males, and great to give us fems a nice laugh!
Okay, so maybe guys don't have it so easy...

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Just to piss some more people off.... [10 Nov 2001|04:02pm]

[ mood | silly ]

*hehehe* Thanks Niel!! :)

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oh kiddies.. you're gonna love this ride@! lemme tell you. [10 Nov 2001|11:12am]

oh my fucking lord.

last night I so nicely took my boyfriends virginity..he musta been the best virgin I have ever had sex with.

so we went to his friends house last night, chilled with some guys, and his friends girl [who musta fought from dusk to dawn]then eventually made it upstairs to a room. [earlier in the night he had handed his keys over to his friend so he wouldnt for some reason, leave and drive like the stupid ass drunk that he is- so we knew we were spendin the night]

we laid on the bed for awhile, and ended up havin the best sex..it makes me wonder though, him being so good and a virgin. well, either way, oh baby. -speechless-

i dont remember what time we went to bed, actually, i dont even know when we went upstairs.. but we did [unfortunetly] wake up at 8 in the goddamn morning and it sucked.
now im home, sore as fuck- i feel like i lost my virginity all over again.

you know, it just seems to mean so much more when you do it with someone you love.. i mean, this was 3 years in the making and yea, when we had our break ups, i had had sex with other ppl, but never with him, and now that we have, i realize it was worth the wait. fuck that whole casual sex thing..bein with someone that close that you truly love is 100x better.

man, i love him, his penis, and his tongue =D

but anyways, how was YOUR night? ;]

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[09 Nov 2001|05:43pm]

tell me if you guys hate the new format for this journal. i hate it. but it's frustrating me. i will change it later

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[09 Nov 2001|06:58pm]

I have a penis. Too bad no one wants to use it.

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[09 Nov 2001|02:32pm]

[ mood | horny ]

who's gettin some tonight?

-raises hand-
oh oh me! me!

ive been waitin all week for this ;x

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Put The Bunny Back In The Box [09 Nov 2001|01:23am]

[ mood | horny ]

Nice, big, cock!

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.50 whore is here. [08 Nov 2001|02:36pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

the penis party.. hm, ive been doing some thinking about this.. and ive come to the conclusion that penises are really ugly looking. dont get me wrong, i love them, and their purpose but their looks are just hurting..
just goes to show, looks arent everything ;x

but wouldnt it be nice to find a hot looking penis? not hairy, not vieny, not mushroom-like, just.. oh, idk, something not what it is now..

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Guys are NOT as tough as they claim!!! [07 Nov 2001|05:27pm]

[ mood | irritated ]

Okay, here we go ;) Time for another Jaime rant, prepare yourselves...
Guys are NOT as tough as they claim! In fact, they are sissies. Completely, totally. Let's take physical strength for example. If a guy doesn't feel well, does he not complain? Not whine? Not wallow in self-pity?? Ha. Of course he does! Not to say women don't either, but we're much more likely to do something about it. {i.e. take meds, hmm...there's a thought.} Wonder why that never occurred to a guy. Ohh, I know!! Because guys think they are "Mr. Tough Guy--'hear me roar'!" Ha. (again) Are you kidding me?? I personally think it's a ploy to get more attention. So us fems will baby them & take care of them. Not that they would admit that's what they REALLY want. Ohh no. They would rather be hit by a mack truck as opposed to admitting something like that!
Besides, why did God make fems have babies, instead of men?? It's because He knew that guys couldn't fucking handle the pain! Seriously. I mean really, how many fems pass out when giving birth?? Now, how many onlooking soon-to-be daddies do?!? Exactly my point.
Guys seriously do not have such a high threshold for pain. When I complain about PMS, it is because I am Seriously in pain. No bullshit. I do not whine for the sake of whining, & it REALLY pisses me off when guys try to downplay that type of thing. Guys will whine about having stomach aches after eating nasty food. Fems get that too, but are we Nearly as likely to bitch about it?? Hell no. Are you kidding me? We can Tolerate that type of thing because it's not Nearly as bad as what some of us have to live through each month. And you try throwing emotions in on top of that. It's called hell. Uncontrollable hell, at that. And since guys are so control-hungry, I'd Love to see one of them try to deal with something that is Totally beyond their power.
On to the next subject, which, I'm sure a lot of you guys won't appreciate...
Did I stress that enough? Maybe I should put it in bold? Underline it? Is this getting through to you??
Case in point, after a bad breakup (I mean, like months, possibly years after depending of the length of the relationship), who is more willing to commit to a new relationship?? Ah, yes. The fems win in this situation. I know of sooooo many guys who are Still too fucked up (even years afterwards) over a breakup (especially if the chic dumped him), that they refuse to trust any other women & thus, will not get involved in another relationship. And yes, I am referring to Relationships here, not 'dates,' or 'one-night stands.' In that case, oh yeah, guys are much more likely to console their broken hearts with a lil bit of flesh lovins, but when commitment is involved? Hell no.
ALL fems become "the bad guy" to him. They are evil, cannot be trusted, and if 'they' broke his heart once (when he let his guard down, of course), why the hell should 'they' be allowed to have his heart once again?! The 'they' really is just that ONE chic that fucked him over (occasionally more then that, but as I've said, men are usually reluctant to commit after a bad breakup). The 'they' is NOT EVERY FUCKING CHIC IN EXISTENCE. Did I get that point across??
I would like to note, that I happen to be one of those 'other chics in existence.' I have never ever ever ever fucked over a guy. Never. Have I been fucked over?? YES. Very very much so. And you know why? Because only ONE of my relationships (or otherwise) with guys was not fucked up simply because of a chic that came prior to me. Only ONE, (& the reason that got fucked was because he was an abusive asshole, & I Finally learned my lesson). ANYHOW, even though I've been screwed over by multiple guys, & even though sometimes, as much as I really do try to hide it, that does show through, I am still willing to give my heart to someone I love. It is that simple. And I am not constantly preparing for the relationship's demise. Hell, maybe I am stupid for that. Because, you know, since I am not preparing myself, of course I'm gonna end up getting hurt even worse in the end. But, you know what?? I consider it worth it. And you know what else?? I still believe in 'forever.'
Why is this such a foreign concept for guys? Why can't things 'last forever'?? Why must they "always, eventually, Realistically, come to an end"?!? This annoys the living hell out of me. Guys have no faith. They are constantly waiting to be let down *and geesh, I thought I was the ambivalently attached one* Guys refuse to believe in forever because they are cowards. It is not 'realistic' to say that eventually a relationship HAS to end. People do spend their entire lives together, people are made for one another, & that isn't always something that is 'automatically known.' Instead, often, *especially with men* they do not realize this until it's too late.
Are you guys starting to get nervous yet? Shifting in your chairs?? OOoohh, she said the word, 'forever.' Better hide!
*rolls eyes*
I get so tired of the bullshit. I just wish I could find a guy who really believed in 'us.' Who would do everything possible to make the relationship work, instead of preparing himself to let it go. Simply because of previous bad experiences, which lead him to start making comparisons to his current one. (Which is TOTALLY unfair)
We all have our bad experiences, as much as I'm sure some people really refuse to have compassion for me in this, you try being Constantly cut down for 9 months of your life by someone who *supposedly* cares about you at the time, not to mention Constantly being critized for Everything you do by your FATHER--then you throw in a lil physical abuse from both, & see where you end up. How many guys go through that?? And you know, if they do, serious props to you! Serious props for surviving & having the courage & strength of a WOMAN!
Now, I am not going to sit here & preach my life story & try to compare different cases of all of the terrible things that a person has had to go through. I just get so tired of hearing guys give up so fucking easily & refuse to put their trust & faith in a female simply because of her gender. If guys do this, then why the fuck doesn't every guy who ever gets dumped just turn gay?? Wouldn't that solve the problem?! Instead, they put us GOOD fems through this shit, and we really do not deserve it.
I really wish guys could just get the fuck over some of this shit, & learn to toughen the fuck up. We all get hurt. We all bleed. But not every person is the same, and not every girl is gonna hurt you like 'she' did.
Just learn to have some faith...
And, believing in 'forever' would be a start.

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Meaningless posted miscellany [07 Nov 2001|04:50pm]

[ mood | stupid ]

What comes to your mind when you think of cockroach? O_o; I don't even know why I'm posting that, it's just something to ponder.

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Penis-101 [06 Nov 2001|04:01pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

By the way, what's the topic of this community? Is it about penises? Yeah, I'm pretty naive, so I shall be educated about a PENIS! Will anyone show me their penis? I wouldn't mind! O_o;

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*desires dick* [06 Nov 2001|04:03pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi! I saw that luckidenvermint mentioned this community in damngirl, & I thought it looked interesting enough, so I decided to join. I mean hell, I know I like penis enough...just can't figure out why there seems to be such an absense of it here...

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